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Gluten Free Nation:

The age of gluten free foods is upon us. General Mills has converted Chex to gluten
free, and Anheuser-Busch (which makes Budweiser) just launched its first gluten free
beer. In a way, we at Girolami Farms are sitting back and saying “it’s about time,” as
our chestnuts were the original, gluten-free food- dating all the way back to the first
Yet we applaud efforts by McCormick (the spice giant) and Simply Asia foods to go
gluten free.
The reason this is such a renaissance in gluten freedom is that people are realizing a lot
of negative health problems are linked to this tricky protein.
Not just allergies, but digestive problems, constipation, and even issues of personality
and concentration are all indicated.
The supermarkets too are riding the gluten free wave, offering tons of private label items
and entire gluten free sections. Even Uncle Sam is lending a hand with new regulatory
clarity that helps consumers know what is truly gluten free.
Although our chestnuts can be used for a great many things (bread, pasta, snacks,
candy) one thing we have yet to see is a good gluten free beer. This honor definitively
belongs with Redbridge, the subsidiary of Budweiser that launched a gluten free line
last year. They even worked with the national foundation for Celiac awareness to create
this wonder. The idea is that the beer was brewed with traditional African techniques
and contained Sorghum.
As usual, we look to Whole Foods to lead the fight to health. They opened up a gluten
free bakery two years ago which actually utilizes chestnut flour. They led the trend, and
now Safeway and Albertson’s have followed suit.
Wegmans operates in about 30 states and is not well known on the West Coast. But
they pioneered a mandatory gluten free label on each gluten free product. They were
the first to do this on a chain-wide basis.
In short, all this gluten free goodness means only good for an America that is ridden
with health concerns. Hopefully we will see a great increase in personal wellness in the
next 10 years.
And if you need any help with gluten free recipes, contact us!

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