Diet food originated in China’s traditional culture and Chinese diet, Diet in Chinese medicine, cooking school and nutrition under the guidance of theory, in strict accordance with medicated formula will be traditional Chinese medicine and some have medicinal value of food relative to compatibility, the use of our unique cooking techniques and food produced by modern scientific methods of a certain color, smell, taste and shape of the delicious food. (In short, medicated herbs and ingredients that make the food phase and compatibility.) It is a traditional Chinese medical knowledge and cooking experience combined with the product. It is “blending Medicine in food”, both the drug as food, turn the food assigned to medical, drug strength by food, food aid drug Viagra, the two complement each other, complement each other; not only has a high nutritional value, but also disease prevention medical treatment, physical health, longevity.

The so-called “holistic”, “Diet on,” that is in the use of herbs, the first comprehensive analysis of the patient’s physique, health, nature of illness, the season, geography, etc, to determine the type of syndrome; then determine the appropriate therapeutic principle, suitable medicated diet treatment. Such as chronic gastritis, if the card is Weihan who should be serving good with porridge; card is the stomach Yin deficiency, then the jade plum quince serving drinks and so on.

Diet can cure diseases, but also physical disease prevention, which is different from the one of the characteristics of drug treatment. Diet do this mostly mild, but its prevention and cure of disease and the effects of fitness regimen is more significant. Such as in Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine According to the ancient diet and health-care experience from the development of Qing “Bazhen food”, containing yam, lotus seed, hawthorn and other 8 kinds of Chinese food, child care 30 days after consumption accounted for 97% increase in appetite, growth and development has improved ; Again, Pear mushrooms complement the fine is determined by Pear juice and mushrooms, white fungus extract is made, middle-aged patients with chronic latch, not only can significantly improve symptoms, and can decrease serum lipids in hyperlipidemic and can improve immune function.

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