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Anyone interested in a Diet Bet?

I’m a runner- and a fat one at that. I’m ready to make some big changes and while I know weight (ie the number) is not everything about being fit, I do know I have a lot to lose!I am hosing a diet bet- would love to have some WISHers on board to help us reach some goals!
Here’s how it works:
You go to the Diet Bet website and sign up.
You pay the “buy in” which is $20.
1-2 days before the game begins, you submit a photo of yourself on a scale and a photo of the scale showing your starting weight. These photos are NOT published or shared anywhere!
In this version, you have 28 days to lose 4% of your body weight.
At the end of the game, you submit another photo of yourself and your weight on the scale (if you meet or exceed your weight loss goal)
Everyone who meets or exceeds their weight loss goal splits the “pot” of money evenly.
Diet bet keeps a cut, unless so many people are successful that the “win” is less than your buy-in. In that case, you are guaranteed to get at least what you paid in, as long as you meet the weight loss goal.
I’d love to have yall come play with us!


So I’ve been trying to increase duration of running without walk breaks for quite some time…I make improvements then some issue forces me away from training and I have to start over…but the issue that comes up repeatedly is breathing!I’ve looked on line for ways to either increase my lung capacity or to regulate breathing during a run, but nothing seems to work for me. I end up short of breath and needing a walk break. I do have allergies and take a couple of allergy meds…am wondering if that has some impact on this issue…just looking for any pointers on being a “better breather” if anyone has a suggestion!!

Starting Weight Watchers-join online or meetings?

WW is the only thing that has worked for me so far. Things like MFP and Spark people are fine for some people, but for me it was way easier to cheat because all it was initially recording was calories, and that’s not really what you want to be tracking. I have used both of them with no luck. I just do online WW and I am seeing great results so far, even though I don’t exercise much.I wouldn’t recommend the WW meetings, however. They can be a huge hit or a really huge miss. My mom talks about when she used WW years ago and the meeting leaders used shaming/judging techniques to get people “motivated,” and I’ve heard about similar tactics used elsewhere. However, I’ve also heard about wonderful leaders who really help WW members. You should be fine with online-only though. You’ll save a lot of money and there are great online communities that can be plenty helpful along your weight loss journey.
Whatever you choose, good luck!

2015 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

I’m hoping I am placing this in the proper forum.I am currently planning to participate in the 2015 Disneyland Half Marathon weekend next year. Missed the registration this year so had to postpone it.
My question to any RunDisney and/or Disneyland experts is does this race weekend traditionally always fall on Labor Day weekend?
My wife and I really want to complete our coast to coast challenge. Already have Everest, Tower of Terror, and Wine and Dine signed up. Also doing WDW Half in January 2015 and Glass Slipper Challenge in February 2015. Really fell in love with running through RunDisney now it’s a passion.
Thanks for any insight.

Any good fitness/exercise apps?

I’m looking for an app that might coach me through exercises. Any good things like that out there? Saw a commercial for something called Daily Burn but looks like a subscription thing. Haven’t looked into it too much. I saw a couple apps like Fitness Buddy or something like that but wanted to see if anyone here had suggestions.

I’m a treadmill junkie and need more versatility.


Panda Ramblings White Squirrel

The White Squirrel

While I was at the park doing some chilly miles, I saw a white squirrel. Most squirrels are born with the natural defense of being the color of tree bark, but mother nature brought these little guys into the world with two strikes against them. They are especially easy pray for airborne predators. You can desire the eye of the tiger, the raw power of the grizzly bear, or the speed of the antelope. I’ll take the determination to live that the white squirrel must have to survive each day.

Our lives are 100% our responsibility. Most of us are born with intelligence and two strong arms with which to earn our place in this world. Like the white squirrel, we must never forget that our future depends on our actions. We don’t have to worry about being eaten, but we do have to worry about minimizing the affects the environment has on our mind and body. We have to make a decision each day to do what it takes to keep ourselves well, both mentally and physically.

We know that smoking, using drugs, being overweight and drinking too much alcohol are dangerous and will bring about an early death. But the problem is that all these can ease the stress of day to day living. A healthy life has to begin with mental health. We have to view our life as worth living, before we can be proactive about keeping ourselves alive as long as possible. That worth living concept has a term, “Happiness”. Happiness is vital, and it takes courage to make the changes needed in order to achieve that magic state of mind.

The first step forward on the path that will lead you to happiness is to take personal responsibility for your life. Then take a good look at your current situation. Are you working a job you hate? In a marriage that is failing? Living payday to payday and in fear of something happening that will send you over the edge? I could mention countless undesirable situations here, but they all share common solutions. Make a list with your most pressing concerns first and working down to issues that are just irritating. Now look at that most unpleasant situation and decide what it is that makes it so. Now go to the next situation and on down the list and document what about each issue is making it stressful. It’s a good idea to get your significant other involved as well. Chances are pretty good that if you’re not happy neither are they.

This list making will allow you to evaluate your own situation and what makes you uncomfortable. I’m willing to bet that most of what you have on the list concerns: finances, feeling that you are not in control, lack of personal time, your relationship with spouse, family, friends and co workers or health issues. Changing some of these situations will turn out to be easier than you imagined, and others will require you to make changes to your own thinking. A bit of fear facing will be involved and that to will probably turn out to be less difficult than you expected. Most of your changes you can accomplish yourself, but some will require seeking advice from a helping agency. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you’re not sure how to proceed. Your quest for happiness is too important not to use all available resources.

I went through this exercise myself when I turned fifty. The half century birthday is a time that many of us start looking at our lives and start evaluating and wishing we had taken some different paths or made some better choices. The top two issues on my list were my health and lack of personal time. The results of my personal evaluation lead me to: 1. Make a career change. 2. Start a regular exercise program again and 3. Stop smoking. Once I was happier, I started writing in order to share with others that there is always a way if you want it bad enough. I learned a valuable lesson as well. My hour to an hour and a half of regular exercise four times a week gave me a lot more time in my day. That might sound strange, but when you have more energy and endurance, you can accomplish so much more. You also don’t need to rest so much from the slightest effort.

Taking responsibility means that, like that white squirrel, we must do what is required to survive. To do that, we must value our life and want badly to keep ourselves healthy and happy. When we are happy with our situation, we will do what is required, but when we are unhappy it’s hard to motivate ourselves to take action.

Thanks for reading.


WISH Away the Pounds *~*Fabulous February Challenge*~* Everyone Welcome

Hello all!

Happy weigh-in day, everyone! Hope everyone was satisfied on their scales this morning!

I’m officially at the lowest weight that I was when I tried to lose weight last year – so everything after this is new and fresh for my body! By new and fresh, I mean since 8 years ago! I’m excited to see the changes in my body as I continue on this journey! It was always such a hassle just to make it this far, now that I’m here, with a better routine in place, I have nothing but anticipation for the future!

I will say, I’m always amazed by how differently your body changes based on how you exercise, and what you eat. For instance, last year, I lost 15 pounds on diet alone, and therefore didn’t really see much of a difference except in my face. Two years ago, when I was doing Jillian Michaels videos, I lost a ton in my arms and my bust.

This year, with Power 90 and Weight Watchers, the difference is all in my waist and hips. I’m absolutely fascinated by how the body works and how it responds to certain kinds of weight loss. I wonder how it responds to the cookie diet. =P

I’m excited to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony tonight! I’m using it as a time to write an awesome cover letter for jobs, and to create two new things to put on my wall – one is a bucket list book and the other is an inspiration board.

My bucket list I’ve had for awhile on my computer – it includes places to visit in my lifetime, (well, most of them are travel related haha) as well as small goals like being fitted for a bra by a professional who can actually tell me my bra size! I add to it often, and I think having something physical that I can check off and put in a book would be awesome!

The inspiration board is something I’ve never done, but you guys and your pinning up bathing suits on the wall inspired me to try it! Since I’ve never been below the size I am now, I don’t really have anything to actually hang, so I thought I’d put up some pictures of a bathing suit, to inspire me to be able to buy one!


Originally Posted by lisah0711

QOTD Friday, February 7, 2014: Do you have a favorite fitness app? Or a favorite piece of fitness equipment like your high tech shoes, dry wick clothes or sparkly headband?

Lisa, I’ve started playing the song you quote as I read through the posts in the morning – otherwise I’ll have them stuck in my head all day!! It is QUITE inspiring.

I’m not really using fitness apps at the moment. I use the Weight Watchers app like crazy, but I’m tracking everything fitness related in a book. In terms of equipment, I love my headbands. I have EXTREME frizzyness in my hair, and lots of baby hairs and flyaways, so unless I want my hair tickling my face when I have weights in my hands and can’t brush it away, my headbands are a GODSEND!


Originally Posted by jillbur
To get away from all this yucky weather, DSs and I fake plan vacations We decide where we want to go and look at planning it. We’ve pretend planned a few cruises, WDW, DL, Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Cozumel, and Ireland. The problem is that now it’s making me want to book a summer vacation!

What a cool idea! I’m definitely going to try that!


Originally Posted by pjlla
Answered above. As far as daily use…. for example, if I am portioning out my greek yogurt, I turn on the scale and then put my bowl on it. Then I hit “tare” to bring it back to zero grams and then I dish up my 227 grams of yogurt (for a full 1 C serving). Grams are VERY precise and it is kind of silly how I stand there scooping out and dipping in the tiniest portions to get the grams to read just right!

Thanks for all the advice! Definitely going to look into changing around the way I look at food this month!


Originally Posted by pjlla

When my brain is on overload it helps to keep a pencil and paper next to the bed… then if I wake up with something I’m afraid I’ll forget later, I just write it down. It helps me sleep because I am not having that fear that I will forget it. I also try hard to remind myself that at XXX in the middle of the night, I CANNOT do anything about __________________, so I might as well be well rested to deal with it in the morning!

What a great idea!


Originally Posted by Kachina
Couple real nice guys came out and got the main line thawed for me with a heat gun. Melted the crap out of our radon mitigation system plastic, though. Guess what hubby is buying for me today while he’s in town? A heat gun. LOL

WHAT in the world is a heat gun? I’m envisioning just a hose with flames coming out of it!


Originally Posted by Kachina

Meditation. Seriously, it works. I usually do mine before bed and then hit the pillow asleep already.

How does one go about starting meditation? I’m not very good at yoga because I like to move, rather than standing still. So, I always assumed I would be terrible at meditation, too. But, I’ve always wanted to try it. I just never knew where to start!

Panda Ramblings, On the Go

On The Go

Have you ever asked yourself: “I’m on the go all the time. It seems I never stop to even rest. How can I be overweight”? Most of us are on the go a lot, but having a hectic life and leading an active lifestyle are different worlds.

There never seems to be enough time in the day. You get up in the morning, reluctantly, even though you stayed in bed till the last possible moment. You make breakfast, clean up, get dressed, and head out the door to work. On the way, you pull in the drive through and drop off your laundry at the cleaners. You stop at the drive up ATM, so you can get lunch money. Then one last quick stop at the Minute Mart for another coffee and a pastry for a morning snack. You hunt for a parking place close to the door and finally sit down at your work station. After your morning snack all you can concentrate on is lunch time, but you do your work, and finally lunch time arrives. You eat a little more than you really should have, so you are not really in the mood for the afternoons work either. A couple of soft drinks get you through it. Time to leave, so you get back in the car, drive over to the cleaners, pick up your laundry at the window, and drive home.

As soon as you get home, you rush around preparing supper. Finally, you sit down on the couch to relax. Your evening consists of sitting on the couch, having a couple of soft drinks, or if it’s been one of those days at work, something harder. Maybe a good snack to make you feel better and then fall into bed so exhausted that it takes forever to fall asleep. You are worn out, but all you really did all day was make short trips from one place to sit down to another place to sit down. You had a lot of stress during the day which drained your energy, even though you were doing nothing physical. And you wonder why you always feel so tired. Does any of this sound like you?

I’m going to present a different day’s routine for your evaluation. You get up an hour earlier than normal. Go to the bathroom, rinse your mouth out good and drink a couple of hands full of water. Doing this will accomplish two important things. First it will get rid of morning mouth taste, and second, you will get a start on that all important hydration. Your organs need that initial intake of water to get moving smoothly, because you were probably dangerously dehydrated to begin with the day before, and the nights sleep took even more of your precious water reserves. Now start the coffee, tea, or whatever you like in the morning. A soft drink for the caffeine is not a good option. Start getting in the habit of avoiding chemical mixes like that and stick to natural substances like real juice, coffee or tea. You have some time to wake up now before breakfast with some reading or maybe watching the news. Then once you are awake, you can think about something to eat.

You are more relaxed now for your drive to work. You make your stops at the cleaners and the bank, but not the Minute Mart, since you brought a coffee with you from home along with a couple of bottles of water. Park at the far end of the parking lot instead of looking for the closest place to the door. By parking further away you get a chance to walk a bit and get your blood pumping. Once you get to your work station, think about what causes you stress while you are at work. You can probably think of ways to reduce that stress, if you put some effort into it. At least once an hour you need to get up and walk a few minutes. Go to the water fountain instead of the soft drink machine. You also have the water you brought from home as well. That few minutes of walking every hour is important. It keeps you more alert and allows your body to move. At lunch, make healthier choices and don’t eat till you are over full. You need your energy to work not to just digest food all afternoon. The more of your blood supply that is going to digest your huge lunch, the less you have to power your thoughts. Take a short walk after lunch, if you can. During the afternoon, continue to take a short walk every hour and drink another bottle or two of water.

When you leave work, you have the walk to your car to get your muscles moving before the drive home. When you get home, I’m going to bet that you are feeling better than you usually do at this time. You drank a lot more water than you normally drink. You haven’t ingested all the sugar and chemicals from those soft drinks either. You’re also not still lethargic from over eating at lunch. When you get home, change into comfortable clothes and take a walk. A 45 minute walk will relax you. If you can take that walk with your spouse or child, then you can catch up on each other’s day when you can pay attention, instead of trying to listen to them over the television. Dinner should be a transition time for you in the evening. It should be nutritious, eaten slowly and relaxing. That’s much better at reducing the days stress than hurrying to finish, so you can get on the couch and watch TV. Again, avoid the soft drinks in the evening. You don’t need that chemical mix in your system before you go to bed. Stick to natural drinks like cold water, juice or tea. Think about doing something else in the evening instead of just watching television. Reading, doing a craft or a hobby is a better way to spend the evening, and it will give you a feeling of having done something, besides just existing, during the part of the day that you can call your “own” time.

Once you have made some changes like these, it’s easier to start making other changes that maybe you have thought about, like starting a regular exercise program, getting some more education, or just finding more “ME” time in your life.

Thanks for reading.


Lost 6 pounds!

Good for you!

I only had two (difficult) pregnancies, and when DD was 6 finally had my tummy tuck. Muscles separated, so it was a big procedure (surgeon took about 6 inches vertically off my skin and pulled the muscles back together vertically inside). DH was not really on board, but I finally said I needed it. I tried all sorts of exercising to get my shape back, but you can’t exercise those muscles back once they’re torn, and you can’t exercise skin away! If you need any encouragement, feel free to PM me. I am so glad I did it, even though I recently gained a few pounds (why I’m here LOL). Yes I have a 14 inch horizontal scar, but it’s faint and I am so glad to have had it done.

I agree to get to your ideal weight if you can first! Take care of yourself – it’s hard to do when you’re always taking care of family first.

Keep it up!!

Treating the symptoms, not the cause

Hi Runsandjumps, sure I’ll share. I think honesty is an important part of the journey.

Since it’s late, I’m going to keep this as short as possible. Basically I was a chubby child, so food choices were essentially out of my control at that stage. However, I feel the issues I had growing up, especially during the teenage years contributed to my self esteem issues and my weight just climbed.

My parents divorced when I was very young and unfortunately I had little contact with him growing up. I questioned why my dad went and made another family and didn’t seek me out. I couldn’t really verbalize my feelings but I always felt there was something missing. Fast forward to adulthood. I married, had three wonderful sons but began to have serious marital issues, again, not good for self esteem.

Now when I say all of this, I’m not trying to make excuses. I’ve come to the realization that I’m an emotional eater, something that I’ve only recently been able to admit. The bottom line is that I have a choice. I can choose to overeat or I can choose to eat balanced meals. Will I always struggle with weight? Yes. Just like a alcoholic or drug addict will always have cravings and can fall off the wagon, so can I. But I choose not to give up and get caught in a vicious cycle of guilt and soothing myself with food. I watched my husband slowly die because he was a non compliant diabetic. I adore my sons and I’m their only parent. They are worth the struggle.