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July Exercise Challenge

45/1000Not a bad start to July yesterday: 30 mins walking; 15 mins weights

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Thanks! My boss put it out there for a few of us runners to try. I’m not sure she’s going to actually do it herself, though :/ I’m excited to finally do something running related before my husband. He started running about a year before me, so he’s always accomplishing distances first. He ran a 10k before I even started running, ran a half before I had done a 10k, and he’s training for a full while I’m still working towards a half. I finally get to do something before him!!You guys will probably see me whining quite a bit during those 10 days. I’ll need all the encouragement I can get.

You’ll get a lot of cheering on from us I can’t run at all, between my back and my knee, so I’ll do it vicariously through you – LOL! Last time I attempted running I was in PT for weeks and my doctor made me promise to never do it again. I’m glad to be able to power walk, ride my bike, yoga, and do other types of exercise and strength training. But, there are so many fun and cool running activities I wish I could try.__________________Married at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort / Sunrise Terrace / October 2005All that I am or ever hope to be I owe to my angel Mother (1940 – 2005) Daddy’s little girl (1933 – 2008) Egypt, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, 7 Caribbean islands, England, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, 12 states, DC – check! Where to next??

October thread like the August thread?

Is anyone interested in doing an October trip goal thread? Just like the “Get in Shape & Lose Weight for August 2014” thread.I’m going the last week of October. I have some very ambitious costume dreams. I also have 60lbs of extra weight, most which it came on in the last year due to medical stuff. I’m making changes in my life – gym sessions, eating healthy – but I worry that it’s too little or too late. (My Dad died of diabetes & obesity last Thanksgiving.)Anyway, I’m looking for some accountability, and it’d be great to connect with folks who are also going to be at MNSSHP.

WISH Away the Pounds June Challenge — Starting a Successful Summer!

Oh good grief! I’m already 3 pages behind?!I’m here. I’m in. Gotta try to remember what the scale said yesterday. Or maybe this morning. Not a lot gets committed to memory at 5:45 in the morning. (I usually have to write it down for Friday weigh-ins and since it wasn’t Friday, I didn’t.) Gonna go back and catch up on QOTDs after I get some of this, apparently necessary, end-of-month work done…

Jumpin’ June Exercise Thread

I don’t know about the rest of you, but so far I love June. It felt like this past weekend, nature just flipped a switch and summer and blue skies are finally here!Played outside yesterday. 54 minute trail run.54/2000Good luck to everything this month! Despite our individual challenges and ‘speed-bumps’, I know we’re going to do great this month. I look forward to following everyone’s journey.

Disney Hoopers?

Disney Hoopers?
Quick question. Are there any Hooper’s here? I’ve just ordered by first hoop and I’m super excited to get it. Has anyone used a Hula Hoop for fitness on this board?
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Treadmill deck squeak?

We bought a Sole F80 treadmill in January of this year, and we have absolutely loved the convenience of it. Lately I have noticed that on the top right side of the deck if we’re running it makes a creak/squeak noise. It doesn’t do this anywhere else on the deck. I know its not the belt because I make sure to lubricate it frequently. It’s a folding treadmill and I have noticed that when I fold it up and then let it down again, the squeaking will stop for awhile, but then start again eventually. It’s not an unbearable noise but just a little annoying.Any ideas what I can do to stop this?

The Galloway Plans – It’s All Marketing

A little background…I’m not the best athlete in the world, but I train consistently and have been for some time. I am not a great runner, I’m a triathlete, and Swim/Bike are my strengths. With that said, I have “studied” running, run planning, and all that surrounds it more than anything else because I enjoy it the most.
I’m making this post to encourage runners to really consider their training plan – don’t just use a Galloway plan because he’s the Disney Guy.
I have been following these forums for a fairly short time, and have read about a LOT of people using the Galloway/Disney training programs. I shrugged it off and never looked at them. When I went to look at the plans this week – out of curiosity – I was absolutely floored.
Galloway’s plans should be called the “Time-Crunched Training Program”, and should only be used by someone who absolutely doesn’t have the time to train properly. His Marathon plan, for “Experienced Runners” with a goal of “Time Improvement” only has 3 runs per week? Absolute madness. Every program he has basically has 3 runs per week. I implore you to research a little (and I don’t mind sharing my thoughts as well) – but this is far from an optimal strategy.
In my opinion, these plans are all about wanting to make plans that seem as “Newcomer friendly” as possible, to be able to fill the races. Back when Disney created runDisney, they needed to encourage a whole crop of new runners to get involved and enter their races – and that’s awesome! So, what they did was made sure their recommended training plans were easy enough that they didn’t scare anyone away. 3 times a week? I can do that.
But 3x per week is not for someone who is looking to either improve or simply run their “best” marathon on that day – best could be fastest or simply feeling great.
Have many people had success using his plans? Yes, surely they have. But, that does not mean it was the Optimal training program for them.
Now, for those of us running 5-7 times per week, it’s very important to know how to run. Getting intensity right is one of the most important keys to run training. go EASY! Don’t just start running hard 6 times a week or you will be risking an injury. I can talk more about a plan and go into more detail on that if desired.
But, I wanted to encourage everyone that if you wanted to run your best race, or if you want to improve – look past the Galloway plans. If you only have 3x per week to run – that’s fine, just be consistent and keep up what you are doing!